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Caravan For Sale

Buying a holiday home is an exciting venture and we’re confident that your new purchase will bring you and your family many years of enjoyment.

But if you’re a first time buyer, it’s likely you’re finding the whole experience a tad overwhelming. 

No doubt you’re thinking...

“How do I pay for the holiday home? What are the park fees? What happens if I decide the holiday home isn’t right for me?”
Fortunately, if you are overwhelmed by the whole experience, we can guarantee that most of your worries can be solved.
To help you get the most out of your park visit, here are fifty of the most important questions to ask before buying a static caravan.


Site Fees

1. Are there any site fees?
Every park will have site fees. 

2. What does the site fee cover?
Site fees cover your caravan sited on a pitch on Windsor Holiday Park and connected to the services

3. Can I pay my site fees in instalments?
If you’re worried about paying the site fee in a lump sum, you’ll be happy to know that we offer monthly payments plans. Enquire with the park about finance options.  

4. How often do site fees increase?
Site fees can occasionally increase due to things like inflation and park investment. Enquire with the park about the possibility of site fee increases in the near future.

5. Are there any additional charges?
There will always be annual running costs. These will include insurance, electric and gas safety tests. 

6. What holiday home models do you supply?
We supply a wide range of holiday caravans on Windsor Holiday Park, from manufactures like Willerby, Carnaby, Europa and Victory. We can also customise your caravan and order it from the factory to suit your own specifications.

7. How much would I have to spend?
Holiday Caravan prices will vary from depending on its specification.

8. How can I pay for my new home?
You can pay upfront. 

9. Can I place a deposit on a static caravan?
You can put a deposit on a caravan to hold it for an agreed time. when the balance has been paid in full then we will site your caravan for you.

10. What is the minimum deposit amount?
You’re likely to need a deposit of about 10% to reserve a holiday home. This will vary depending on the Caravan you choose.

11. Do you offer finance options?

12. Do your holiday caravans come with a warranty?
All our holiday caravans come with a warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the type of caravan.

13. How often can I stay in my static?
Your welcome to use the holiday home and park facilities throughout the open season. 1st March to 30th November

18. When will I have to upgrade my holiday home?
When your caravan becomes 20 years old then you will be asked to upgrade or remove it.

19. Can I have decking on my holiday home?
Yes, we can advise you on the sizes and specifications available.

20. Can I part exchange towards the cost of a new holiday home?
Yes, part exchange is a great way to upgrade your holiday home. 

21. Who is responsible for maintenance?
You will be responsible for the maintenance of your holiday home. 

22. How much is gas and electric and how/who do I pay?
Enquire about the general costs of gas and electricity.

23. How do I arrange to get my holiday home sited?
We will arrange this for you.

24. Do I have to pay insurance?
All static caravan owners must have insurance on their property.

25. Are there any park rules?
Opening times. Noise regulations. Entry and exit times. These are just a few examples of park rules that you should be aware of before buying a property.

26. Are there shops in the park or nearby?
There are local shops like Tescos & Spar nearby or you can arrange a delivery? 

27. Is there internet access on the site?
For the full home away from home experience, no doubt you will want internet access. You can arrange a dedicated wifi access point to be fiited to your caravan (an installation charge and annual subscription will apply)

28. Can I bring my pet dog?
Yes but you must keeping dogs on a lead at all times, ensuring cats are kept inside the property at night and not allowing dogs to excessively bark at night. 


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